Traditional fire festival at Shonan beach, Oiso SAGICHO.

Just about an hour train ride from Tokyo to reach the special event.

Oiso SAGICHO is the last event of NEW YEAR celebration in SEISHO Area (western district of Shonan, Kanagawa Pref.). Originally, local fishermen operated this event and it has been held for 400 years over. SAGICHO in Oiso is one of the Significant Intangible Folk-Cultural Asset. Because Oiso is the only area that is taking over this traditional event. If you visit Oiso on this day, you can feel a very very unusual Japanese ethnically event.

The climax of this event is YANNNA GOKKO. First, SAITO (tall corn-shaped bonfires) burn up on the beach. Then, group of men gather aroud the fire of some SAITO and sing
"Ise-ondo"(SAGICHO-ondo). After this ,YANNNA GOKKO starts. One group of men is on the beach, another is in the freezing sea, between them there is KRIMIYA which is connected to the rope. This scene just looks like doing a rug-of-war. KARIMIYA is believed that evil spirits are in. Finally, KARIMIYA is dragged onto the beach and anybody can pull the rope to bring it back to the shrine.

Local people offer a guided tour of this special new year event.

Oiso Daisuki Club-nonprofit organization will operate a guided tour on this day. It will be an unusual experience and help you find out Japanese culture. You can make your SAGICHO-Kifuda (made from wood) and SAGICHO-dumplings (made from race powder).

Date: January 14th, 2017 (Saturday)
Meeting time & place: 14:00 Oiso Station(JR Tokaido-line / 65 minutes from Tokyo Station)

Time Schedule:
14:10 start Oiso Station
14:30-15:00 watch movie about Oiso Sagicho at Tokoin Temple
15:00-16:00 visit Okariya
16:00-17:30 make Sagicho Kifuda, and Sagicho dumplings
17:30-18:30 Omotenashi - have a break, try local specialty, Isojiru (seafood soup).
18:30-19:30 roast dumplings lightly and watch Yanna Gokko at Kitahama beach.
The tour ends at Kitahama beach.
All destinations within walkable distance (about 10 min. from JR Oiso station.)

Fee: 1000 yen (materials and insurance included)
Number of participants : up to 30 people
You can check more details and sign up on the official website

by Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

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