While watching the train, enjoy the conversation.

The station was called "Manseibashi". You can see from Akihabara.

In Tokyo, there are the ruins of the station.

A long time ago, there was only station that has been operating a short period of time.
Now, among the people who are alive, no one was using this station. maybe.

The station was called "Manseibashi". You can see from Akihabara.

Now you can enjoy as a shopping building.
Its name is called "mAAch".


With views of the river, you can enjoy the cuisine.

In Japan, it is a breach of manners to eat on the station platform.
But, here it is allowed.

Now, the platform of "Manseibashi Station" is used as a cafe.

Its landscape is here.


Manseibashi Station is used for a short period of time, then,
it has been loved as a museum.

Although few people using the "Manseibashi Station",
"Manseibashi Station" was loved by a lot of people.

Near the "mAAch", there is a well-established store of NIPPON-SOBA.

That around here, there are many well-established store of food shop.

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