Hell of gatekeeper, "Enma the Great" Legend of Japan.

Many Japanese people, fear the "Enma the Great".

There is a big baseball stadium in Tokyo.

It is called the "BIG EGG", it has been popular.
Because very visible to a large egg.

The town side of the big egg,
Hell of gatekeeper, "Enma the Great" There are in the shrine.

"Enma the Great" is God.
It is God, dead people meet for the first time.

"Enma the Great" will decide you to go, heaven or hell.

Many Japanese people, fear the "Enma the Great".
In the future, if I offended "Enma the Great", I will be thrown into hell.
Because thinks so.

So the Japanese are living polite.

Do you want to go to heaven?

If you think so, when to enjoy Tokyo, Protect your manners!

<This shrine "Enma the Great" live.>


There is a place to pray for health. kasugacho in Tokyo

Select the part of the body that you want to be healthy in your own vicarious doll"Jizo",
put the salt on its part.

"Enma the Great" is listening to wishes, too.
However, limited to a well-mannered person.

From 200 years ago, in Japan it is a rule.

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