Airplane of the museum is located in Tokorozawa-Kokukoen.

100 years ago, this park was the airport.

Do you like airplanes?

In Japan, there is a airplane museum.
The museum is called the "Kōkū-hakubutsukan".


The museum is located in the park to enjoy a walk or jogging.

Take the train of Kawagoe bound in the Seibu-Shinjuku Line Station,
and get off at Kōkū-kōen Station.

Let's go outside. There are passenger aircraft called YS-11.
YS-11 is the first-made passenger aircraft in Japan.

Why there is a airplane in this town?
100 years ago, this park was the airport.

There was the first airport in Japan.
Now, the airport has been loved as a leafy park.

Walk about 10 minutes from Kōkū-kōen Station, it will take you to the museum.
Sometimes, Zero fighter is seen.
Japanese look at it, feel the importance of peace.


In the park,
There is a jogging track of 2km.
Holiday will be held a free market.

There are many Japanese family.
You can see the Japanese normal life.

Let's buy a box lunch at the shop of the station, enjoy the picnic in the park.
If you even walk in the Kokukoen, you can observe the normal life of the Japanese.

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