Beat the Japanese Heat Old School Style with "Sensu"

Sensu: Japanese folding fans

I'll be honest, in my fifteen years of living in Japan - this is the first time I've ever owned and used "sensu" - Japanese folding fans. I always thought they were a thing of the past and only used by older folks, but boy was I wrong.

Sensu are fantastic because they're small, portable, and can give you instant relief from hot, windless days. Carry them in your back pocket, and you're ready to challenge summer.

Today's sensu have been re-marketed to reach a younger audience; now there are extremely attractive looking ones for more than reasonable prices. You can even find design-your-own versions at your local Daiso or 100 yen shop!

Not only are they beautiful and add a touch of style to your fashion sense, but they're extremely practical. I can't believe it's taken me so long to admit they're value, but I'm telling you they're priceless!

Interested in buying one? I recommend Yokohama Chinatown's "Kaya" souvenir shop; they've an incredible selection at great prices - and that's the other wonderful thing about sensu - they make the perfect souvenir for your friends back home!

by Lee Reeve

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