Beat the Japanese Heat with "Kakigori" Shaved Ice

Kakigori - Shaved Ice at Tea House Mayoor

Kakigori is a traditional Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrups, sweeteners, condensed milk, and is often served with azuki (sweetened red beans) or tapioca pearls. Fruit flavours are most popular and sometimes kakigori is also served with bits of fresh fruit.

It's arguably the most beloved of Japanese summer treats; during the hot summer months, kakigori can be seen being eaten - and is sold - practically everywhere in Japan. And for good reason, it's delicious and refreshing!

My favourite place to get kakigori is at Tea House Mayoor in Miyazakidai, Kawasaki. Miyazakidai is a dormitory town mostly known for the handful of celebrities who live in the area, as well as being conveniently located to several of the highest rated high schools in the country. But over the last few years, one of Miyazakidai's best kept secrets has been growing more and more famous.

Tea House Mayoor is a quaint, unassuming cafe that sells an assortment of fine teas and coffees, and also offers small cakes, pastries, jams, and the like. But as soon as summer starts, queues that go on for blocks can be seen every day waiting patiently, but eagerly, in front of Tea House Mayoor's doors to partake in, what else? Kakigori.

And for good reason! Not only do they serve an eye-popping amount of different and interesting flavours, the way Tea House Mayoor traditionally shaves their ice and beautifully presents the final product is uniquely incredible. Their portions are HUGE, their ingredients the freshest they can find, and the taste will blow your mind - an incredibly great deal for the price.

Tea House Mayoor is a local favourite all year round, but thanks to a television appearances that continually praise their shaved ice artistry, in summer, families and kakigori connoisseurs from all across the country flock to Tea House Mayoor - and so should you if you enjoy shaved ice!

Highly recommended.


Tea House Mayoor

Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ku,
Miyamae Miyazaki 2-3-12
Miyazakidai Rubinasu 103

Weekdays 11:00 to 17:00 (last order)
Saturday, Sunday, holidays 16:00 (last order)

Official Website:

by Lee Reeve

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