Meal of sumo wrestlers

If you go to the RYOUGOKU-city, you might meet in the sumo wrestler ....

All over the world, sumo wrestlers are famous.

So the question for you.

Do you draw a cuisine that sumo wrestlers eat in the picture?
You can see if you go to the RYOUGOKU-city in Tokyo.

Sumo Wrestler of the meal, says that even "Chanko" in any dish.

When you visit a sumo stable, iron pan(such as a bath)can be found in the kitchen.
Chanko will not be able to eat only a sumo wrestler.

But if you want to feel the world of sumo in cooking,
Let's go to the RYOUGOKU-city.

In this shop,
You may be able to go up in the ring.

Without having to change jobs in the sumo wrestler.

We will create the easy-to-understand guide book.
A place you want to know in Tokyo, please tell us.

<For foreigners who live in Japan, it is a city guide. You also can see the Japanese sensation>
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