More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern

Specialty of Asakusa is a fortune and tavern

If you come to Tokyo, do you want to enter the tavern, “I-ZAKA-YA”?

Only beer and sake.
Table is also small.

There is what you need to go to the I-ZAKA-YA of Japan.
It is the word "TORI-AEZU- BI-I-RU!" and "O-KAI-K!".

If you do not use these two words,
You also not be eat cuisine forever, you can not checkout forever.
Cuisine to eat in the tavern would not be suitable for people of Islam.
Pork and beef have been used.

Also at the famous shop, detailed display of the food is not.

Let's eat
"HIYA-YAKKO=Cold tofu" and "Edamame" ,
"MORO-Q=Cucumber and miso".

And, let's drink oolong tea.
They are cheap and delicious.

And you will be seen in the tavern of the master.

We will create the easy-to-understand guide book.
A place you want to know in Tokyo, please tell us.

<For foreigners who live in Japan, it is a city is seen Tokyo guide.>
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