Buying Protein and Sports Supplements in Japan

To maintain muscle mass and optimal athletic performance, it’s important to adhere to a strict training and diet regimen. That’s why it’s essential that gym-goers and athletes always be able to access the supplements that they need. Unfortunately, buying protein and sports supplements in Japan hasn’t always been easy for foreigners. While Japanese domestic brands are renowned for using the best ingredients and being very high quality, product labels are usually in Japanese. This has made it difficult for English speaking tourists and expats to find the supplements that they need, order them, and interpret instructions for using them properly. Until now.

As the leading resource for English speaking foreigners in Japan, HealthyTokyo knew it was time to provide a solution. In response to these challenges, HealthyTokyo launched an online shop featuring the products of BodyPlus Group under the brands HALEO and Bulk Sports. You now have the opportunity to browse through the product line of leading Japanese brands and equip yourself with all the supplements that you need to hit the gym. What’s more is that there’s free shipping on all orders over ¥10,000 and no need to pay import duties since all products are shipped within Japan!

Popular due to their effectiveness and the assortment of delicious flavors in which they are offered, HALEO and Bulk Sports products are used by everyone from the casual gym-goer to the professional athlete. Their product line includes classics such as Bulk Sports Big Whey protein powder, as well as high end, premium formulations like HALEO CreaVol to maximize athletic performance and provide top-notch muscle building and fatigue recovery support.

Protein is a particularly popular supplement among those who are interested in fitness. This is because protein is critical to building muscle and repairing tissue. As such, we are glad to different types and formulations of protein, from classic Big Whey protein powder to the convenient Blue Dragon 20g Ready-to-Drink casein formulation that you can take with you easily on-the-go. Moreover, vegetarians and vegans will be glad to know about SoyPro, our no lactose, animal product-free raw soy protein.

In addition to bodybuilding supplements, you should also look into healthy choices such as BiOmega3 Fish Oil and Liquid CoQ10, as well as multivitamin and mineral blends. These supplements are specifically designed to support your fitness routine by promoting cardiovascular and digestive health, and cognitive function. A holistic approach is essential to a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you are consuming a high carbohydrate diet to bulk up, consider probiotics and fermented grains such as Lactospore and DigeZyme to help your digestive system deal with the demand being placed on it.

From protein to creatine to herbs and energy boosters, HealthyTokyo’s online shop makes buying protein and sports supplements in Japan easy. Shop now to get everything you need to stay fit and healthy shipped to your door.

by Alexandrine

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