Sort it Out: Enough of this Garbage!

Sorting out trash in Yokohama

Dealing with trash in Japan can sometimes be a daunting chore. Because of the nature of the country's small size and resources, most prefectures have enacted numerous rules about how to dispose of trash. Many who live in this country grumble and complain as they're tasked having to remember which days are for burnables, which days are for plastic, etc.

This is particularly true if you live in Yokohama, which has one of the strictest policies regarding the subject. Not only are different types of trash separated on specified days, but there are also rules about exactly how to prepare (i.e. clean) the trash before throwing it in the city-designated type of garbage bag one can use.

Sound complicated? For many it is, but that's why the city of Yokohama goes out of their way to try making it not so. In their efforts, they have webpages (in Japanese and English):

English version: http://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/shigen/sub-shimin/dashikata/e.html

A searchable dictionary to help you understand what separation category any particular item of trash comes under: http://cgi.city.yokohama.lg.jp/shigen/bunbetsu/?lang=en

There's also a downloadable PDF: http://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/shigen/sub-shimin/dashikata/img/english.pdf

And if that weren't enough, there also downloadable apps for your mobile phones!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/yokohama-city-garbage-separation/id538749263?l=en&mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.haleng.yokohamagomi

With so many ways to learn how to sort out trash properly, you'll become a pro in no time!

by Lee Reeve

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