Ginza Aster O-Sechi


I know its probably kind of a bit too soon in the year to be thinking about this but the other day, when I went to Ginza Aster for lunch, I got talking to the staff and the subject of Sechi (new year’s food) came up. It turns out that Ginza Aster produce really great (I mean awesome!) sechi every year. They produce 3 types of carefully prepared and beautifully presented sechi., which are so popular that they sell out months before the end of the year – hence this post in the middle of summer. The three types range from a two tier type filled with various yummy goodies like shumai, scallops, Abalone and even a whole lobster. The other two choices are both three tier boxes of even more high quality delicious treats – the premium option, which is called ‘Sachi’, even includes a whole sharks fin. One of these sechi boxes, traditionally eaten from breakfast on New Year’s Day as the first meal of the year (often accompanies with a warm sake or two!) would certainly be a great way to bring in the new year and put a smile on your family’s face. Alternatively, this sechi would make a fantastic present to be shared with the in-laws if visiting your spouse’s home for the New Year’s period and surely bring you some street cred and peace with the mother in law – another added bonus for the New Year. Orders are taken from late summer to be delivered I a timely manner on December 31st. I think I’m convinced I’ll buy one.

by Adstev73

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