Camping at Lake Motosuko near Mt. Fuji

Motosuko Camping Ground

Ask five campers what they want out of a camping experience and you're likely to get at least three different ideas. This review is for those who like to drive to a camp area, set up a tent and have amenities such as a place to wash your dishes, shower, buy fire wood and other useful supplies on one hand and have a bit of freedom and space on the other. Of course, if you're visiting on a national holiday, all bets are off, you'll likely find it as crowded as other locations. I like wooded areas (see photos above), but if you like open area camping they have that as well.

Unlike many camp grounds Motosuko Camping Ground allows you to pretty much set up your tent and park your car wherever you want to as long as you are not disturbing others. Their rates are reasonable too, in our case we had one person per tent and we were charged 1,500 yen per tent a night. If you are concerned about the rate, you should call 0555-87-2306 ahead of time, but be aware you will need some Japanese language skills to communicate. Reservations are not required.

Japanese website: <http://www.motosuko-camp.com/1_home2.htm>

You can get some English information, including directions via google.

Lots of beautiful sightseeing including Motosuko (Lake) and Mt. Fuji

You can also rent paddle boats and I hear the fishing is rather good as well. It gets cold at night, so bring appropriate sleeping bags and warm clothing!

by Aron

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