Fried Rice at Aster Ginza

Coriander Fried Rice

In my opinion the fried rice is one of the best dishes at Aster Ginza. Fried rice is usually pretty straight forward, run of the mill dish but as usual, Aster Ginza takes the standard version, and makes it into something quite special. They offer two different types of fried rice - the standard type containing diced cha-shu Chinese pork and also another variety using shrimp and unusually, coriander. This is a new menu item from this spring. I really like coriander so decided to try it and it was great.
The fried rice contained the general standard ingredients of Chinese green onion, scrambled egg plus shrimp and plenty of coriander in this variety. Simple is best is the philosophy in this dish but It was delicious. The rice was cooked to perfection - not too soft, just the right texture. The shrimp were obviously very fresh and the vegetables had a little crunch. I had never really imagined coriander could be included in fried rice but it the dish went together really well. I would certainly love to try this again soon. I’d recommend having this with perhaps with the beef stir fry dish and sharing with a friend.

by Adstev73

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