Sailing at Beautiful Zushi Beach with Tiwal Japan

Tiwal Taiken Trial Sailing Sessions

Do you like the ocean? Do you like sailing? Or perhaps you've always wanted to but didn't know how? Well, I'm here to tell you about an exciting opportunity that will give you just that chance. Allow me to introduce you to the world of Tiwal.

Tiwal 3.2 is the first high-performance inflatable multi-purpose - portable - dinghy for water sports: it is designed to make sailing easy and fun. Its versatility allows it for solo or double handling. Tiwals are designed to guarantee safety and stability when used on the water.

Tiwals can be used both as a competitive offshore sailing boat and as leisure sailing boat, even with children on board with light air along the coast line.

Originally from France, they are now available in Japan thanks to Alana and Michel Bonzi of Soleil Provence in Fujisawa. Not only have they brought them to Japan, they also offer "Tiwal Taikens" - trial sailing sessions for the general public. Private trial sailing sessions and demonstrations are also available for groups and businesses.

The Tiwal Taiken trial sailing program offers kids, families and individuals a chance to try Tiwal's sailing dinghy. For experienced sailors, it’s a chance to test the response of the boat on their own, or with their family and friends.

The sessions are on a first come first served basis.The schedule is published on the Tiwal Japan Facebook Fan page (see below). Private sailing sessions and demonstrations for groups and businesses are also available, and must be made by appointment only. They are primarily for those groups and businesses who are considering a purchasing a Tiwal (see below).

Don't be shy! Don't be afraid! Take a chance and have heaps of fun!

I spent a Saturday morning trying one out. Setting up the dinghy (inflating the craft, attaching the sails) from car to water, took less than half an hour. I was impressed with how quickly they can be put together. The day was particularly windy and the surf was definitely up. A few people, most who were there for the first time, let their fears known - the waters did not look too friendly, and the wind was really blowing hard.

After watching a few other people try it out on the water, I donned my wetsuit and had a go myself. I went a fellow (friend) called Vincent, who showed me the controls - only two: a rope to the main sail and the control to the rudder. A removable dagger board was the only other piece we needed to handle. And the handling was a breeze (pardon the pun), riding the Tiwal was like being on a boat, a windsurf board, and surfboard all at once!

I'm no stranger to the ocean and sailing, but this was a brand new experience. A heck of a lot of fun, too. We sailed slow, we sailed fast. And sure, our Tiwal capsized three times due to strength of the wind, but getting the Tiwal back upright was a cinch. It was an exhilarating time on choppy seas - I can't wait to try it out again on calmer waters.

Tiwal: it's fun, simple, safe, and fast. One thing that really stands out about the Tiwal versus other water sports is that this can be done with someone. It'd be a great way to teach your kid how to sail or even windsurf - the fact that you can experience it together at once makes it perfect for the family.

The Tiwal Taiken is a community event, and there's another one scheduled for June 5th (Sunday) at Morito Beach in Hayama. As part of a sea kayak relay race being held there, Tiwal has been invited to offer demonstrations.

I'll be there for sure, and hope you can too. Bring your wetsuit, or if you don't have one, let them know and they'll happily hook you up. The taiken is free - all you have to do is bring yourself and your excitement!

Check out the contact information below for details.

Contact Information

Tiwal Japan
251-0038 Fujisawa, Kugenuma
Matsugoka 4-16-31
Tel/Fax: 0466-24-5381

To book a private Tiwal taiken, demonstration or for more information, please contact: alana@tiwal.jp

Official Website

For the schedule of public Tiwal taiken sailing sessions and demonstrations, visit their Facebook Page:

Check out Alana's informative article on other sailing options in the Shonan area:

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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