No Bluffing About this Yokohama Bakery

Bluff Bakery

Bluff Bakery is just a short hike up from Motomachi, near the crest of the hill known as Daikanzaka. It is easily recognizable by its bright blue door. It's a New York style bakery with a splendid array of breads and pastries lining the cases. The square-but apple cinnamon rolls with apples are amply sweet without all the sticky mess.

Customers come to the bakery in a steady stream, and one after another the baked items are laid out as the come from the oven. Some of the goodies include pumpernickel bagels with Hershey's chocolate chips, potato and bacon quiche, and the ever popular "Bluff Bread" that uses only Hokkaido flour. Near the cash register you'll find a variety of sandwiches, like the tofu cream cheese & smoked salmon bagel sandwich, as well as Melba toast and other treats. Bluff hot dogs, great for picnics, are another specialty.

Shelves near the window hold teas and colourful juices in almost decorative fashion. Silk screen hang from the walls while music trickles from big speakers. If it weren't for the wonderful smell of the bread, you might think you were in an art gallery! Then again, picking out bread could be compared to selecting a piece of art, so the whole experience is akin to fun excitement.

A local favourite and one I wholeheartedly recommend.


Naka-ku Motomachi 2-chome, 80-9 Hillcrest Ogura 1F

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by Lee Reeve

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