Exquisite French Fine Dining in Yokohama

Queen Alice Yokohama

Although I live in Yokohama, I avoided this restaurant for years thinking Queen Alice "had to be" overrated and overpriced. Created and owned by former Iron Chef, Yutaka Ishinabe, why else wouldn't I?

But last night I took my girlfriend there for our three-year anniversary, and had a wonderful, memorable, time - my expectations were easily met and then surpassed; my opinion of the restaurant completely changed for the better.

The interior is a little too "cute" for my tastes, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the atmosphere and great view. In fact, I appreciated the fact that the tables are separated in a such way to ensure romantic intimacy, unlike so many restaurants in Japan where you're forced to have to listen to next-table conversation.

The service was outstanding, the staff did their best to make the night enjoyable and special for us. But the best part was - obviously - the food. Our Course Dinner consisted of six dishes and a dessert. Each dish was visually stunning and tasted out of this world.

Queen Alice isn't a place you'd want to visit regularly, but I highly recommend it for any special occasions. I will certainly return when a moment presents itself.

From what I've heard, Queen Alice's signature lobster dish is to die for - think I'll try that next!

Located on the 3rd Floor of the Yokohama Bay Hilton Hotel

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by Former Deep Japan Writer

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