Wagyu at Ginza Aster

I had the pleasure of having a great meal at Aster Ginza recently. When speaking with the very friendly and helpful staff, the topic of where and how they source their products came up. The staff member explained that typically they go out of their way to use locally sourced products as much as possible, even ingredients that are thought of as typically Chinese. I was surprised to find that they source even sharks fin domestically and generally use Wagyu in their beef dishes. The fact that sharks fin was able to be sourced within Japan was particularly surprising, as it is such a typically Chinese ingredient. It is sourced from a small fishing village by the name of Kesennuma in Miyazaki prefecture. The Wagyu used in their beef offerings is sourced from a small producer of really great quality product in Kyushu. Very tender and full of flavor, which makes their beef dishes something exceptional. Kyushu is well known for the quality of Wagyu produced there, particularly Kuroke-Wagyu (Beef from black haired cows) and was chosen by Ginza Aster for its outstanding flavor and texture.
This is another example of Ginza Aster’s philosophy of adapting and improving standard offerings of Chinese cuisine into something which is much more sophisticated and suited to Japanese palates. I particularly recommend the braised beef – really tender and the soy sauce base sauce compliments it perfectly. I highly recommend you to head on over to one of Ginza Aster’s many branches for a meal exceptional quality.

by Adstev73

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