Enjoy the cherry blossoms

They are quite awesome !

Every spring, it is the same thing: everyone are getting very (positively) anxious and are looking forward to enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Spring is there. 8 blossoms on a tree, and it's done. Cherry blossom season is launched. Time to prepare your picnic and enjoy it under the trees, if you find some free space.

There are many spots to visits and the most famous ones are the most crowded too. If, like me, you prefer your cherry blossom in a quiet environment, try The Sumida river, up North and the other side of Asakusa. You can also try Tennozu Isle, Toyosu, Rinkai Park. Or, try to be there very early, the Aoyama cemetery early morning is fine. Don't go at night...

Crowded but great fun, the Asakusa Kannon-Ura Ichiyo Sakura Matsuri, with the Yoshiwara geisha's parade. This year (2016), April 9th.

You can also check the cherry blossom agenda map and plan some short trips.

by Claire

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