Prefectural “Antenna shops” in Tokyo

Specialties shops called “Antenna shops” in Japanese sell local foods and goods of different prefectures or cities in Japan in order to introduce their special products and promote tourism. The variety of items at the shops include seasonings, fresh vegetables and fruits, sake, rice, noodles, handicrafts, potteries and so on which may be hard to find elsewhere in Tokyo. Some of the shops offer restaurant areas where you can enjoy local cuisine.

Antenna shops are mainly located along the Yamanote Line of JR (Japan Railways). In Tokyo Kotsukaikan building in front of JR Yurakucho station, there are over 10 antenna shops from Hokkaido, Osaka, Hyogo, Hakata, Tokushima and other prefectures. My personal favorite is the ice cream from the Hokkaido shop, which is made from fresh milk supplied from the contracted farmers in Hokkaido. They also have Yubari Melon flavor made with orange color melon from Hokkaido.

Why don’t you visit antenna shops to enjoy traveling without leaving Tokyo? You might be able to find some nice souvenirs!

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by Takae

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