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Artmania Cafe Gallery Yokohama

Artmania Cafe Gallery is a small cafe gallery located in the Noge district of Yokohama where anyone can experience art in a casual fashion.

Originally opened in 2010, Artmania hosts a variety of art events conceived by the small group that runs it. "We want to help artists develop and promote themselves. Take authors, for example: if they can't adequately explain their work, they get trashed. We don't want that to happen."

With that spirit in mind, the owner, Tomita, described how her gallery came into being. "I was born in Yokohama and could never shake the feeling that I wanted to come back. By chance, one of my close friends moved to Yokohama and so the two of us though, let's promote Yokohama artists to the world!"

Artmania actively goes out to search for and recruit artists. The skill of the artist is, of course, important, bu even if they haven't fully matured, Tomita will support those who have the desire. "I want to do an exhibit with artists recruited from the general public. We can't hand out monetary rewards, but I do want to organize an event where can can offer the space to artists for free." For such a public event, they aren't just looking for pictures and sculptures. They are looking for musicians from all over Japan, for example, who music might fit the feel of the gallery. This would be an opportunity for bands to have their music played in the gallery or as background music for an event. If you're someone with an interest to participate, check out their homepage (see ACCESS below).

The gallery is an old interesting reformed building that is completely white and 3-storeys tall. Artist-friends worked as volunteers to help decorate the insides, creating a funky cool gallery space. Some of the walls include movable panels so that different sizes of art can be accommodated. There's plenty of natural light, but also a space that can be used for exhibitions in the dark. Wi-Fi is available, too.

The first floor cafe sells coffee and flavoured tea for 300 yen, beer for 500 yen, and light food. Swing by and peruse the art for as long as you like.

Tomita says, "I want the cafe gallery to be a space where people gather and can exchange information." - being only a few minutes' walk from Sakuragicho Station, why not drop by a take a look? If you're there, Minangos is just around the corner: http://www.deepjapan.org/a/4243


Yokohama City, Naka-ku, Noge -cho 3-122

Tel / Fax: + 81- (0) 45-514-3980
Hours: 15:00 to 22:00 (Irregular)

A 5-minute walk from JR Sakuragicho Station
A 4-minute walk from the Blue Line Sakuragicho Station

Official Website

Facebook Page

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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