Onsens and Outdoors in Kusatsu

What to do in Kusatsu

Ranked for last 12 years straight as one of the Top 100 onsens in Japan, it really is for the onsens that visitors come to Kusatsu. There are public onsens and of course ryokan and resort hotels with their private onsens. A few of the the famous public onsens are
Sainokawahara (西の河原露天風呂) with its newly renovated rotenburo or outdoor bath (Entry costs for adults 600 yen and 300 yen for kids)
Chiyonomi 千代の湯 , where you can rent a bath for couples, singles or families and where you can enjoy in the renovated women’s Awase yu (あわせ湯) bath which consists of 5 baths with different temperatures) (Entry costs for adults 900 yen and 400 yen for kids
Kusatsu has its own onsen culture with different ways of bathing like the jikan-yu. As Kusatsu spring water is extremely hot, timed bathing jikan-yu interspaced with yumomi process cools down the water to 48 degrees Celsius. Jikan yu has the additional benefits of making yunohana ( water crystals as the vapours mix with the cooler air) giving the sensation of softer skin that feels more resilient.
For the more active visitors, outdoor activities in Kusatsu abound. The ski slopes are a quick shuttle bus ride away. From the bus terminal to the Mt Shirane ropeway station is 25 minutes (with a stop at the ski slopes). The ropeway can take you up 2100m.
You can snowshoe, snow board, ski to your heart’s content
A 1 day pass costs 4000 yen
Snowshoe Trekking courses range from
3000 yen course 2 hours from 2 person
6000 yen course 4 hours from 2 persons
And you can rent gear :
Ski boots up to 32cm, Snowboards up to 162cm Shoe and Ski sizes up to 170cm
( Note that given the range of sizes available it may be better to bring your own gear)
Lessons are also available starting at 4,000 yen (half day)
For other outdoor options in the area, please check with Canyons Japan

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