Japan's Vending Machine Restaurant: No Staff, Super Clean and Fun!

Retro Food Vending Machines Serve Faster Than Fast Food

Enjoy the Vending Machine Meal in High-Definition! Watch Here:

I love Japanese Vending Machines. They're super convenient, high tech, loaded with variety and just simply amazing.
Now, let's take that to the next level – THE VENDING MACHINE RESTAURANT
When I heard about this place, I had to visit.

This restaurant is called Jihankishokudo 自販機食堂 (Automat Diner) located in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. The owner wanted to make a place where anyone can go to get a meal and have fun! He certainly succeeded.

What's the attraction?

★ No staff at all
★ It's super clean
★ Retro machines
★ It's fast, cheap and fun!

The food vending machines:
The soba, udon and ramen vending machine
* Chashu-men (with meat) ramen and tenpura udon
330 to 400 yen

The toast sandwich vending machine
* Anko (red bean paste) & Cheese or Italian toast sandwich
250 yen

The hot burger vending machine
* Cheeseburger, Curry Burger or Tar Tar Meat Sauce Burger
300 yen

There's also an old Coca-cola bottle vending machine, a cupnoodle machine, a vending machine with store souvenirs and some gachapon machines.

No Staff yet Super Clean

What was most impressive was that the restaurant was super clean.
There's no staff so people clean up after themselves recycling and wiping up where they sat and ate.

The recycling area makes it easy to separate your own garbage.
Uneaten soup and liquids can be disposed in a special bucket.

The food may not be gourmet, but it's worth a visit because it's unique and fun.

Where is Jihankishokudo?
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZUpokVmMqDE2
Address: 〒372-0833 群馬県伊勢崎市富塚町293−3 パレス本丸

Getting there:
By train
The nearest JR station is HONJO 本庄駅
and then a 10 minute taxi ride / 1800 yen or 40 minutes to walk it.
Tobu Isesaki Line stop in SHIN-ISESAKI

By Shinkansen
Joetsu Shinkansen stop is WASEDA-HONJO早稲田本庄 then a 15 minute taxi ride, approx 2500 yen

URL: https://twitter.com/jihanki_lunch

by John Daub

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