LOOK application makes you to understand Japanese product by your native language

Let's scan Japanese product barcode then get to know product information by your native language !

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“LOOK” is an application that allows foreign tourists in Japan to understand information about Japanese products in their own native language, and share the information with friends and family back in their home country. It aims to clear up the awkwardness between foreign tourists who do not speak Japanese, and stores in Japan that are not able to deal with foreign languages. Initially it will be able to handle English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Japanese.
Foreign tourists in Japan can see product descriptions in their own languages by using the application to scan unified-standard JAN codes (bar codes). Correctly understanding product information doesn’t only make it easier for them to buy the products, but instead of taking their own pictures and typing in explanations when buying souvenirs or serving as a buying agent for others, pictures and explanations in their native language can be immediately shared.

Additionally, if a customer lives in one of the countries serviced by the “Jselection” buying agent service, that customer can use “Jselection” to order products that are viewable on its site. “Jselection” is a site that allows purchases from overseas of products being sold in Japan. Stores opened on “Shopping site” do not cost any new fees nor require extra effort, and products aimed at Southeast Asia are being introduced. Serviced countries are China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In addition to English and Chinese languages, Thai and Indonesian are also covered, and customer support and listed exchange rates for each country are used.
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[About the application]
Name: “LOOK”
OS: iOS, Android
Categories: iOS/Travel, Android/Travel & regions
Price: Free
Download site: https://look-goods.com/en

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