What unique Japanese gestures should I know when coming to Japan?

Sorry, but...no..

In Japan, the most common gesture you will likely see is the small “X” that people will make with their index fingers, somewhat like a cross. This is for all intents and purposes a relatively polite way of saying no; or more specifically, no, we’re closed, or no, you cannot enter here. It may feel a bit rough at first, as if they were reducing their communication to hand signals as opposed to verbal communication, and to an extent, Japanese store owners or security guards may be a little unsure about how to communicate with a foreigner, but rest assured that this is a very common gesture among Japanese people as well.
Additionally, this can be a gesture for requesting the check at a restaurant, expanding the gestural concept to that of “close, end, no, over, no more” or something to that effect. This gesture is very useful, because something about it is just subtle enough to get the message across, but at the same time has more weight than words in many instances.

by KurtisW

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