Something unique to do in Tokyo if you like Sushi

For anyone visiting Tokyo wanting try something very few people have heard about, or experienced!

There is a chain of quality Sushi restaurants that was founded in Japan more than 90 years ago in 1924, called Tamasushi*.

In Tsukiji -- the area famous for the world’s largest fish market and indeed famous for the best and the freshest Sushi and Sashimi in the world -- at Tamasushi's flagship store out of 25 stores across Japan, you can try making authentic Sushi yourself, behind the counter of a real Sushi restaurant being taught by a real Sushi chef, and you get to eat what you make!

While there are a number of different types of Sushi, the type we all picture and know the best is called ‘nigiri’ Sushi and it’s the one with a slice of fish, a prawn/shrimp or other piece of goodness, atop a small elongated ball of rice.

On Saturday afternoons, daily from 09:30 (it takes about an hour and a half) you can try the “Tamasushi nigiri sushi making experience” at Tamasushi main Tsukiji branch: 1-9-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045

Get there on the Subway:
A 2-minute walk from Higashi-Ginza Station
And 3-minute walk from Hibiya Line Tsukiji Station

You can book here in English*: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/jge/en/entry/post-000814.html

The history of Sushi, how to make nigiri Sushi.. and how to eat it!

Learn about the history of Sushi, the use of rice vinegar and of ginger and why, what a good Sushi chef looks out for with his customers, how to count Sushi in Japanese and where this came from, when to and how to apply soy sauce and the common blunder with using wasabi, all the types of the fish used and where the cuts come from in the fish!

And perhaps best of all, sit down and enjoy the plate of Sushi you prepared yourself, along with Miso soup and some Sashimi skillfully prepared by your trainer and chef (who’ll also present you with a certificate when you’re done)!

What’s the catch?

Well if you don’t speak some level of Japanese, at the time of writing, bringing someone who can interpret for you is mandatory. While it is likely you could follow along and make your own plate of 8 nigiri Sushi and 1 temaki (hand roll) by watching and copying, all the history, details and passion of the Sushi chef, are delivered only in Japanese.

If you have a Japanese friend or colleague (or Japanese speaking), why not offer to shout them their own “Tamasushi nigiri Sushi making experience” in return for some basic interpretation on the day? I’ve heard from reliable sources, very few Japanese have ever tried making nigiri Sushi at all themselves, let alone behind the counter of a real Sushi restaurant, being taught by a real Sushi chef with 35 years’ experience!

Should you not have a friend or colleague to assist you, as well as being able to ask for an interpreter at the gurunavi booking page, you could try contacting DeepJapan.org and hiring a ‘DeepJapan Senpai’ to help you out! (Not just in English too. Speakers of other languages and Japanese available)

Contact form link at the top of this page on the right or at the link below: https://www.deepjapan.org/contact

* Sponsored content (directly helping Tamasushi get the word out about this thoroughly enjoyable experience!)

To read a little more about the experience, check out part 1 of my report here:

"If you knew Sushi..."

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