Shinto Shrine and Buddhist Temple coexisting ?

Kanzan-ji(temple) that has shrine(Shinto gateway)

It may sound strange if I tell you there is a place called Kanzan-ji(temple) that has a Shinto gateway. The place is about 10 minute drive from my office and it is by Hamana Lake.

The temple was on top of the small hill overlooking the lake and Tomei expressway.
There you can view Ferris wheel of a local amusement park and Onsen Ryokans.
I asked few of local people here if this is a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine.
Nobody gave me the clear-cut answer ... they don't know.

You might want to visit there and stay one night.
You'll enjoy local cuisine like grilled eel(Unagi) and stretach your legs in Onsen.
It takes about one hour from Hamamatsu Shinkansen station.
Some Rokans provide free shuttle bus from the station.

by kazmcqueen

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