Please tell me about different Japanese dialects.

Sentence endings

In Japan, there is a wealth of dialects, and they tend to act upon specific aspects of the language. For the most part, nouns, adjectives, and verb roots will not have much variance between dialects, if any. Many changes however occur to sentence endings.

Japanese in all dialects adds slight flair to the end of a sentence to give it a certain tone. For example, i the standard Tokyo dialect, "oishii" alone is delicious, but "oishii yo" is delicious!! "yo" basically serves as an exclamation, or a tool to emphasize something to indicate you feel strongly about it. This end-of sentence type of flair takes on many forms across dialects in Japan. A simple example would be "na" in the Osaka or Kansai region dialect. They don't really use "yo", they instead use "na".

by KurtisW

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