Experience Your Own “Japanese Style Wedding” in Tokyo!

What’s the most romantic place in the world? Paris? Hawaii? Rome? Those may be some of the obvious contenders, but there seems to be an increasing number of people who would name Tokyo as the most romantic travel destination.

This idea of Tokyo as a modern day romance capital, combined with the growing interest in destination weddings, make the city ripe for Japan Tourist Bureau‘s newest endeavor: Japanese Style Wedding and Photo plans.

While there have already been a number of newlyweds who have made Japan their honeymoon locale of choice, now couples can take it a step further by experiencing a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony with all of the bells and whistles involved in a traditional Shinto Japanese wedding ceremony. The plan is courtesy of JTB’s Royal Road Ginza, an English-friendly company specializing in tour packages for foreign visitors.

The prices start at \200,000 (about $1,650 USD) for kimono and hakama rental, hair and makeup styling, a photo shoot, and a “mini ceremonial experience” at a shrine, including san san kudo – a tradition involving the sharing of sake between the bride and groom. For an additional \30,000 (about $248 USD), you can take an hour-long, romantic rickshaw ride around Asakusa. There is also an option for kaiseki lunch at a nearby garden-view restaurant.

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