Inokashira Park - a quick and refreshing excursion from central Tokyo

Want to take a rest from the big city without the hassle of taking a long trip? How about Inokashira Koen (Park), all it takes is 35 to 50 minutes and 200 yen to get there by train from Shibuya station on the Keio Inokashira line. My suggestion is to take the express train 4 stops to Kugayama station and transfer to the local train and go two stops to Inokashira-Koen station. The entrance to the park is right at the exit of the station, so it's a real easy stress free outing.

You can comfortably walk around the park in about an hour, but I'd suggest you take it easy and enjoy the fresh air. The park is scenic, so if you like taking photos bring your camera. As the pic of the sign above shows there is plenty to do. You can enjoy a little time on the water with a paddle or row boat and you can also explore the Zoo.

On weekends and public holidays you will likely have the opportunity to see and buy arts and crafts and be entertained by performance artists.

More information about the park is available at: http://www.kensetsu.metro.tokyo.jp/kouen/kouenannai/park/english/inokashira.pdf

Interested in a Photo-Tour? http://www.phototour.tokyo

by Aron

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