Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #7

Isezakicho Mall

Located just a few minutes' walk from JR Kannai Station lies a stretch of street 1.2 kilometers long bettter known to locals as Isezakicho Mall. It is a car-free zone loaded with various shops and stores.

Before Motomachi and Yokohama Station became popular, Isezakicho was the only large shopping area in Yokohama catering to local residents (Motomachi was primarily for foreign residents). Nowadays, Isezakicho has become one of the major shopping areas of Yokohama.

Two very famous spots are also the largest: Yurindo Bookstore has its main location there; it's also home to the 2nd Fujiya restaurant ever opened. I often shop there, and also use the mall as a shortcut to the Bashamichi area of Yokohama.

The 100 yen I frequent regularly is there:


As is one of the supermarkets, liquor shops, and shoe stores I use. It's a vibrant place with a full range of people to see, and although located near the seedier part of town, it is an exceptionally safe place. On Sundays, there's usually a jazz band performing, adding a bit of class and fun to the area.

It's definitely a place to visit if you've never been. And when you're through window (or not) shopping, you can relax with a beer and some great food at some of my favourite pubs and restaurants!



A few minutes' walk from Kanna Station

Official Website:

*Be sure to check out their website for event dates. Several festivals take place in the mall - when they do, the locals go all out with some of the best displays in the city!

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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