Interesting Japan: Washlets, things that make you go hmmm!?


I was inspired to write this quick post when I learned that the other day (November 19) was United Nations World Toilet Day.


After looking at the pictures in the BBC article, I reflected on how fortunate we are in Japan because of our washlets. For those of you who aren't aware of the term, a washlet (a registered trademark of the Japanese toilet company Toto) refers to electric toilet seats with a water spray feature for washing. Most are also heated, which makes for very comfortable seating during the cold winter months.

If you've never had the pleasure of using one, I strongly urge you to find one as quickly as you can. As anyone who's lived in Japan for any length of time, not only will they rock your world, but also change your life. According to statistics, as of March this year over 77% of homes in Japan have washlet toilets.

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Tip: even if you don't care to use one, stalls with washlets make for the ultimate charging station for mobile phones and laptops - just unplug the washlet and plug in your device. Lifesaver!

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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