Today I am in Sakuragicho, Yokohama

Sakuragicho, Yokohama

I often write about Yokohama. It's difficult for me not to. I live here. I work here. And during my time as Creative Director for the Yokohama Seasider Magazine, it was my job (and passion) to learn and discover - and then write about - as much as I could about Yokohama.

I love this city and am proud to be a citizen here. Sharing it with others isn't just fun, it fills me with a sense of duty.

Yokohama is the birthplace of Japan meets the rest of world, it is the city of firsts, and is internationally recognized as one of the finest cities in the world. It represents the perfect balance of old working together and giving way to new.

A fine example of this is the old-school street bar area of Noge being situated right next door to the ultra-modern shopping district of Minato Mirai. Locals and tourists alike frequent back and forth between the two as if they were one.

People get along here and interact with each other. There isn't the sense of "every man for themselves" or "everyone's a stranger" like in other big cities. There's also plenty of green and blue to balance the buildings.

Today I'm in Sakuragicho, which is one of the more popular spots for tourists, because there's so much within quick reach here. It's a beautiful bustling place to visit, and fun, too. There's Landmark Tower, the Cosmo Clock, World Porters, Rinko Park, The Nissin Ramen Museum, and a seasonal Projection Mapping show that's free.

If you don't know what any of the attractions I've mentioned are, just search for them here at Japan - search the "Yokohama" tag if you want even greater results.

Come out and visit if you've never, and come back again if you have.

I'm telling you, Yokohama is simply the best.


To get to Sakuragicho, take the JR Negishi Line and get off at Sakuragicho Station. The Yokohama Line also stops here, so does the Yokohama Municipal Subway "Blue Line".

In addition, you can also use the Minato Mirai Line and exit at Minato Mirai and then walk. It's less than 10 minutes from station to station.

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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