Takayama: A Sake Lover’s Paradise

Funasaka brewery (味の与平)

Known as “Little Kyoto”, Takayama is very famous for its sake. The old town hosts several breweries, some of them existing for several centuries, and each having its own “style”. The perfect spot to visit for Sake enthusiasts everywhere! To introduce the town further, let’s go through a brief overview of the breweries in the area.

Funasaka brewery is one of plenty of breweries in Takayama and hosts a cafe and a restaurant on the property, allowing visitors to taste Japanese cuisine that compliments their sake. Experts are on site to give advice and sweets, as well as drinks made from sake sediments are also available.


Kawashiri brewery (川尻酒造場)


Opened almost 200 years ago, Kawashiri offers a different view of the production of sake. Being the smallest manufacturer in Takayama, the producer, Hideo Kawashiri does everything by hand. Here, no machine or computer is used. Everything is handcrafted by his four employees, to produce very high quality sake.

Still, Hideo Kawashiri tries to keep his prices as low as possible, following the rules of the ancestral Japanese producers. A bottle of 720 ml cost between ¥1,200 to ¥2,500, almost ten times lower than most known competitors.

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