1920's Japanese life style house

This is the old-fashioned Japanese life style

I visited a museum near where I live....retaining the old lifestyle from 1920s.


Even for me who was born and grew up in Japan, it was quite interesting....when I visited there, a volunteer interpreter who knows the people lived there, was willing to share his old memories at that time, how the life was and how they were etc....

The daughter of the family there had decided to open this house to public as an museum several years ago. It was a good decision as there's no such a unique museum in Japan.

It has 5 rooms, including the dining room and two rental rooms.
The family wisely used three on the downstairs and rented the rooms on the upstairs. They even offered dinner and laundry within the rent payment.

It was always the daughters' job to deliver the meals to upstair residents.

Looking at good old days...

Although it's been there for over 90years, the status of the house is pretty good. It was carefully designed by the father of the family who was an architect.

In the past, the toilet was outside of the house. Later it was installed in the house and close to the entrance. This house is an example of its early adoption......well it's not vacuumed as it used to be anymore it's water flush now..

Rice was cooked with stew pan and strings were taken off kimonos when laundry

In the past, when the rice cooker was not that popular yet, they used to use the fire to cook the rice, carefully monitored the status from time to time while doing another household choirs.

Kimonos (traditional clothes) were not easy to wash, so they only did so twice or three even during the summer time. And when they do, all the strings were taken off and washed, then stitched back again, so they used it again and again as it was finally worn out.

by Zara

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