Escape to Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa

Beach resorts aren't usually the first thing tourists associate with Japan, but this country has many beautiful beaches with resorts to match. One such resort is Hotel Moon Beach, located on the west coast of Okinawa.

This expansive resort seems to go on forever, with multiple shops, a swimming pool, a traditional bathhouse, tennis courts and a gym for keeping up with your fitness routine while on vacation. Staying there just for a couple of days, we didn't have nearly enough time to take advantage of all the amenities offered -- it almost felt like a small town all its own.

Hotel Moon Beach offers both Japanese and Western-style rooms to accommodate your needs, with rooms that sleep up to seven guests. Opting for an ocean view means waking up to the splendor of the resort's private, crescent-shaped beach, which is truly a sight to behold. Our room was large, sleeping three people comfortably with ample closet space and extra bedding.

While the decor of the rooms was a bit dated, everything was in working order and kept clean by the staff. Robes, slippers for the room and even sandals to wear around the resort were provided in addition to more typical amenities like shampoo, conditioner and toothbrushes.

As for the food, you can find four different restaurant options on site, ranging from casual fare like cheeseburgers or the local favorite, taco rice, or you can choose a more upscale experience. We enjoyed all the variety at the Corallo dinner buffet, which included an impressive spread of desserts. If you want to go off the resort grounds, there are plenty of options nearby including bars offering a variety of rainbow-colored tropical drinks as well as traditional Okinawan fair.

The staff at Hotel Moon Beach were very accommodating, arranging transportation and answering our questions about local sights. While the hotel offers a variety of water sports and activities, they weren't pushy about them and let you just enjoy lounging on the beach. The hotel was very well staffed, so it was never hard to find someone if you need them and everyone spoke English.

We're hoping to return to Okinawa soon and will keep Hotel Moon Beach at the top of our list. See more of my travels at http://www.100tacks.com!

Hotel Moon Beach
1203, Maekaneku, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan, 904-0414
Phone: +(81) 98 965 1020
Fax: +(81) 98 965 0555

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