Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU

Japanese Stationary: BUNBOGU

Let me introduce Japanese Stationary as the 2nd must have Japanese souvenirs*. In Japan, girls are energetic to have cute stationary and businessmen are interested in using cool gadgets and writing materials.
One of the most popular shops is LOFT. The one in Shibuya is the main store, but there are a lot more in other places. The goods are sophisticated and well-designed. Recently, many people from foreign countries visit Shibuya LOFT.
You can also find these cute Bunbogu at a department stores, a shopping mall or even in 100 yen shops.

If you want to try these stationary, visit Bunbogu Cafe in Omotesando.

Enjoy shopping at a specialty store such as:

LOFT (Shibuya and more)

ITOYA (Ginza and more)

SHIMOJIMA (Asakusabashi area)

* Must Have Japanese Souvenirs series:

by Keiko, OTT

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