Enjoy bath, Japanese style

Babu (bub), the bath tablet

Enjoy taking bath with Babu(Bub), a popular Japanese bath tablet to Relax after Exploring Japan on Foot.

All travelers know how sight seeing can be exhausting. Especially walking around on foot, taking trains and metro etc with lots of stairs before and after the ride in metropolitan areas in Japan.. plus the heat of summer can tire you out in an even exaggerated way!

Why not stop by at a pharmacy and get something that helps you to recover from fatigue? Many Japanese people love to use this in the bath to relax and recover from a hard day of work or play.
In Japan there are pharmacies or drug stores everywhere. Just look for the Chinese Character ”薬” or the sign will say Drug Store or Pharmacy in English.
While there are many interesting and excellent items to try and to choose from, I highly recommend you try a bath tablet called バブ Babu ( Bub) by Kao Corporation, to have a great experience of Japanese bath culture.
Babu(Bub) is a carbonated bath tablet invented in Japan in the 80's. It is a sort of small bath bomb that is well known and very popular in Japan ever since coming on the market.
You can easily find it in most of pharmacies and even at convenient stores.

Babu comes in variety of colors and aromas to choose from. My favorite is Hinoki (Japanese cedar ) aroma.
They will come in a box often but are also sold individually in most stores.
(see photos)

How do you use it? Simple. All you need is a bathtub and hot water.
Most of the hotel rooms in Japan have a deep bathtub, since all Japanese people like to take a bath before going to sleep.
Just drop this little bomb of luxury in your bath tub after filling your tub with water, and let it dissolve it by itself. Once dissolved, step in for an aromatic moment of pure soaking and relaxation with a nice ambience of Japan.

The carbon helps blood circulation as well and along with the relaxation you achieve, you will be able to rest and sleep better.
Since you get warm after the the bath with babu, allow sometime to cool off before sleeping. And guess what? For summer, Cool Babu is also available.

I hope everyone will enjoy their bath time in Japan.

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