September Events around Asakusa

Shitamachi Food Festival in Taito 2015

Donburi Grand Prix will be held during this event. Eat and vote your favorite Donburi. In Japan, we have various Donburi, such as Gyudon (Beef rice bowl), Kaisendon (Seafood rice bowl) or Tendon (Tempura rice bowl). This year, 78 restaurants joined this event and compete to win the prize for best Donburi. Eat and vote to your favorite!


Tunnel of Jellyfish Kaleidoscope at Sumida Aquarium

The event, Tunnel of Jellyfish Kaleidoscope produced by a photographer Mika Ninagawa will be started on September 9. She is a very popular photographer using hundreds of colors in her photo. I am sure you will see colorful Jellyfish pool.


Asakusa Touroue

In 2015, the event, Asakusa Touroue, will be held from September 12 thru 26.
Check out last year's pictures at:

by Keiko, OTT

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