ISETAN Department Store with an abundant line-up of products and unparalleled customer service

Shopping is fun! : Enjoy fresh and in-season line-ups whenever you visit.

There are a number of major department stores in Shinjuku area, Tokyo, offering a wide variety of shopping locales for international visitors. Located next to Shinjuku 3-Chome subway Station, ISETAN is a veteran among Shinjuku's department stores and they focus on high-quality, unique items especially for fashion lovers.

Thankfully, Japan has four distinct seasons and this allows the fashion conscious public change and update clothes and daily necessities for each season accordingly. Isetan offers a rich selection of seasonal goods for customers to enjoy the changing fashion seasons in Japan. Most impressive is their large selection of goods and how well these are displayed in a way that emphasizes unique features and attraction.

For example, summer is the season for firework festivals in Japan. When I visited them recently, they set up a special corner to feature Japanese traditional yukata and related accessories as well as a variety of local traditional crafts which people can enjoy at firework events. Their thorough display gave me an opportunity to realize the importance and value of gratitude in Japanese traditions and culture. I did not plan to buy anything in particular, but I was definitely tempted by the bright colors and rich culture I felt there. This type of time and experience will surely bring a bit of radiance and joy to people’s everyday life.

As they usually gather similar product groups at one place to display a series of popular line-ups, it helps visitors know a trend and easily locate what they are looking for. As they display products not only based on brands but also by product category, you might come across something special and pretty that you would not have found otherwise or would not have noticed if the products were arranged simply by brand.

During my visit to Isetan, there was craftsperson events going on as well. I watched professionals introduce their Japanese traditional artworks in a unique and exciting balance to the other brand products on display. It was so exciting to see their works first hand as we never have such an opportunity to communicate with them in our usual lives. I could understand how Japanese quality and delicacy are appreciated around the world and enjoyed the depth of what we take for granted in everyday life.

One stop shopping for everything from the world – you can find everything here.

Isetan’s buyers go everywhere in and outside Japan to look for excellent, Isetan-worthy products. When you visit, you can expect to come across many attractive products from overseas as well as those procured domestically. Although I am from Thailand, I found a couple of Thailand-made products that I did not know of before. Isetan also had some Thailand brand products and it made me happy to realize their buyers are also in my homeland to introduce our products to Japan.

The Japanese word "depa-chika" refers to the basement floors of a department store where the delicatessen sections are usually located. This is very unique aspect of the culture in Japan and we don’t have such things back in my country, Thailand. Some of the high-end Thailand department stores are recently trying to create “depa-chika” shopping zone, but they still have a long way to go. In Japanese department stores, each shopping floor has a different theme and it is convenient and easy for shoppers and visitors to find what they are looking for. You don’t have to waste your time by getting lost and you will definitely enjoy a smooth, efficient visit. Have fun!

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