What to do on a rainy day in Tokyo

Take a boat to Odaiba and a walk back on the Rainbow Bridge

Many who long for the summer to arrive here in Tokyo scorn the rainy days they must endure during June and into the beginning of July here in Japan. After thirty years in this country and more than my share of sweaty sleepless and humid summer nights, I actually have come to like the rainy days in Tokyo.

Cooling, soothing, and cleansing are the wet days and nights in Tokyo.

All right, enough romanticizing as actually it can get pretty soggy at times. So what to do on a rainy day in Tokyo besides put on your boots and jump around the puddles in Shinjuku?

Why not take a boat ride in the rain on one of the covered ferries that depart from Hinode Pier. There are two directions to choose from, the short trip to Odaiba or the longer one to Asakusa. Most people do not think to ride a boat when it rains so you are likely to have some room as you coast on the waterway.

Odaiba offers lots of indoor shopping and many restaurants with views overlooking the water. There is something very romantic about enjoying a glass of wine or a coffee with a loved one while viewing Rainbow Bridge in the rain from the picture windows of Decks or the other malls that line the waterside.

They call me the “outdoor guy” so what comes next might not be for everyone. When you are done with your Merlot or cappuccino, why not walk back over the Rainbow Bridge? No charge for this adventure and most of the walk is covered once you get to the bridge. Nice views even in the rain. It can be a bit noisy as the cars zoom by, but stimulating as well.

Feeling a bit drenched, but satisfied, a hot bath in a sento (bath house), your hotel or home can be a wonderful finish to a day which might have otherwise been spent dreading the downpour.

by HealthyTokyo.com

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