How to easily find English speaking doctors & dentists in Japan

For those of us living or traveling in this country it is not uncommon to be in need of a qualified English-speaking doctor or dentist in Japan. It is also not uncommon to be lost about where to go.

There is a really good service out there called HealthyTokyo.com. They have put together an impressive network of doctors, dentists and what they call Healthy Partners (gyms, spas, organics, etc.). They also have everything from personal trainers to photography coaches under their Wellness Coach section. http://www.healthytokyo.com

This is an easy site to navigate. After logging on, I could scroll through the network or search by specialty. I found a doctor in my area very easily and was able to read a lot of detail about his qualifications, overseas experience and other info you don’t tend to find anywhere else. They have a doctor for everything from thyroid issues to cancer. Pretty extensive and I do hope to see even more as this service grows.

When they first launched the service it was a paid membership only, but recently they launched a free plan. The free plan gives you access to the full network of health and wellness partners. Their Premium Plan gives you access to a live concierge who can find other places for you and make appointments. You also get a bunch of great discounts and deals as a Premium member.

I initially opted for the free plan, but have since upgraded as I’m busy these days and like the idea of leaving my appointments to a concierge for a little more than 1,000 yen a month. Moreover, I may use one of their discounts for a spa package with my wife as well.

This is a nice service for finding English-speaking doctors and dentists in Japan as well as for ordering organic food or finding a fitness club.

by Aron

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