Maid Cafe experience

Mecca of maid cafes

Take a sneak peek at Maid Cafe --- yes, I've been curious but not motivated enough much so far.

But as a professional Tokyo tour guide, I needed to have the experience before I take guests there. So I went with seven other guide friends.

There are tons of maid cafes in Akihabara, different concepts etc.
Like....traditional maids, old traditional Japanese style or English style, long skirts and shorts, long kimonos and short ones, really too many to choose from.

As we were the first trial, we tried to stick to the 'stereo type image' of the maid cafe.
The most popular and best one, they call at the top is @ home cafe.

Menus and which to order

Depending on what you order, the maids give some presentations.
Recommendations : cocktails and lattes.
Then the maid shakes your cocktail in front of you or draw whatever the animal face you ask for on the foam of your latte.

But don't expect too much on the tastes, the most important thing is the performance and the atmosphere. Be kids.
At the end of the serving, they ask you to make a magic on your food or drink in order to make it even more delicious. Just repeat whatever she says. Then you're all set. Your drink/food is done. Should taste miracle (at heart) in reality not though. Remember be crazy! If you don't enjoy it, you're out.

Cheki (Polaroid) photo

Most of those maid cafe has 1 hour system - meaning, you need to leave an hour later you are seated. They will smile and tell you it's time to leave.

But there are some exceptions like where we went on the other day.
Since they serve alcohols, and start at the evening, they don't let you go.
We felt at home and had good time, spent 2 hours.

They had unique system - entrance charge includes either food / tea with green tea/cheki. So we ordered each one of them.

Not only Cheki but they usually have games to play with the maids. Then you can have maids longer beside you....otherwise, since they are basically waitresses, they are gone somewhere else. Be sure to try either Cheki or games with them!

by Zara

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