A Summer Day Tour in Misaki Port and Jogashima

Exploring the Miura Penninsula

If you have a day to get out and adventure, I suggest you make your way to Miura's Misaki Port and neighbouring island, Jogashima. Only one hour away from Yokohama, it makes for a perfect day trip.

Misakiko, now a thriving tuna port (the locals call it the "City of Tuna), it boasts a fish market comparable to the likes of Tsukiji. You can stroll around their Urari Seafood Market, which sells fresh fish to the public, or eat at one of the many tuna houses or restaurants in the area (well over twenty within walking distance of the city's main bus stop).

If tuna's not your thing, you can visit several small temples in the area. The easiest one to access is the Kainen Shrine and its 800 year old mystic tree. You can also take a walk around the town's main shopping districts and enjoy its amiable retro atmosphere, reminiscent of the Showa period.

Once you're through, get back on the bus and head out to Jogashima (you can walk, but warning - it's a long uphill climb to the bridge!). There, you can explore the shoreline, eat at one of the many - you guessed it - tuna restaurants, if you forgot to back at Misaki, and visit the Jogashima Lighthouse, the island's main attraction. It was one of the first four lighthouses ever built in Japan, and now the second oldest standing.

Thirty minutes away on foot you'll find the Uma-no-Sedomon, Jogashima's unusual but beautiful rock arch formation, and a wonderfully large rocky beach with patches of green to sit on and stare at the sea. On a cloudless day, you can see for miles - even Mt. Fuji is visible!

"Maguro no Machi" (Tuna Town)

The city offers a "Misaki Maguro Pass" that entitles you to unlimited bus transportation around the Misaki area (including Jogashima). The pass also includes a meal coupon good at 20+ participating restaurants there. Not only that, but the pass grants you admission to either a hot springs facility, an aquarium, or a glass boat ride.

A real bargain if you've the time to do it all.


To reach Misaki Port, take the Keikyu Line to Misakiguchi Station (terminus). Once there, wait at the bus station's #2 terminal. There are three different buses that will take you to Misaki Port and/or Jogashima. If you're not sure, just ask the bus driver.

Download these PDFs (with English) to help you before you plan your trip:



by Former Deep Japan Writer

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