100 Yen Shop Shopping Sense

Cute, clever, and best of all cheap!

I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't think that 100 yen shops aren't great. There's just so much of everything that you can find for a mere few coins. If you can find it at a convenience store or local market, you can bet your nearby 100 yen store probably will, too.

It used to be one might hide the fact that something they owned came from a Daiso, but not anymore. Take for instance the Aroma Gel (with carry strap) pictured above. These are all the rage with children these days. At my art school, kids proudly compare which smells they prefer and own.

Speaking of my art school, so much of the "hard" materials I use come from 100 yen stores. Sure, I also shop at proper art and stationery stores, but why pay ¥500-¥600 for a single figurine when I can get five for the same price? (See image above)

Cost effective not just for individuals, but also small businesses. Makes undeniable sense to me.

Practical and only takes pocket change to buy!

There is, however, one danger you must absolutely be careful of. And that's walking into a ¥100 intending to purchase items A and B, but then walking out with purchased items A - Z!

It's so terribly easy to do, and no doubt you'll regret some of those unplanned acquisitions. Fortunately my last two (see images above) didn't leave me feeling disappointed. It's amazing the things you can find!

Check out my "35 Reasons to Love 100 Yen Shops" list, if you need more convincing!


by Former Deep Japan Writer

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