Deep crawl at night in Shinjuku - Golden Gai(District)

Back in time - 1960

Which is the best place to visit in Tokyo at night?
To experience the local and enjoy the talk with the locals?

Well, one has his/her own interest so does other.
And Tokyo has so many options to offer. So it's not easy to pick only one.

But this is for you who might be looking for some old Japanese bars and friendly people get together there.

Shinjuku is the capital of Tokyo and Japan.
And there are many skyscrapers at the west of Shinjuku Sta.
But all the night life exist in east, almost all the bars there don't sleep at night.

Omoide yokocho

are the three night life places in Shinjuku

Especially Golden Gai has become so popular among tourists so I got interested and crept a little sneak peek .

Bar Dan-san

Some bars there are 'first time guests not welcomed'
But they were very welcoming. Even though we were a relatively a big group.

Most bars there charge around 1000yen (about US$8) average as a table charge. Usually they offer the free small appetizer though. Just like any other Izakaya places, too.

Be aware, some places can charge over $15 and tell you that when you are ready to leave there. But you can also avoid the last minute surprise ----ask before you get the table/counter seat.

This time, we went into Dan-san as in the photo here.
We were the group of five. Relatively a big group.
In Golden Gai, it's very difficult to find the place where five people can go in together.
Since most of the bars there can only take less than 10 people.

So we went in. Charge was 1000yen. (about U$8 now)
They had good appetizers and mains. Not to mention varieties of alcohol drinks.

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