Cool off on the Ice in Nagoya

Nagoya is great! It’s not too crowded, people are well connected, and has a good foreign community network. A volunteer group called the Walkathon, a group of foreigners started here in Nagoya with now holding events in Osaka and Tokyo area.

Nagoya is famous for the Nagoya Castle, and the Nagoya Basho Sumo is coming up on July 12 to the 26th. This is a chance to see world famous Sumo right next to the Nagoya Castle!!

Nagoya is also famous for its gourmet, sight-seeing, and world class ice skating bet you didn’t know that!

So how to make the best of your day?

I recommend walk or rent a bike and tour Nagoya area, Fushimi area, Osu or Yabacho area, and end your night in Sakae.

Breakfast at café or Kisaten, breakfast in Nagoya is cheap! Buy a cup of coffee and you’ll get boiled eggs, small salad, and toast! Komeda Coffee is one of the popular ones (http://www.komeda.co.jp/)

Head down to the Shirakawa Park in Fushimi. You will see a large building with a huge sphere that’s the Nagoya Science Museum (http://www.ncsm.city.nagoya.jp/en/index.html) explore the world of science and the world’s largest planetarium!!

Lunch Miso Katsu! Yabaton is famous for it’s Pork on Miso (http://www.english.yabaton.com/)

The day is starting to get too HOT!!
Cool off at The Nagoya Sports Center located in Osu (http://nsc-osuskate.jp/guide/access.html) Rent some skates and cool off at the skate rink.
This rink is the home for the World Class figure skater Asada Mao!

Not interested in Figure skating?! and like to get rough?!

The Ice Dragons a local ice hockey team invites experienced hockey players at their practices. Players are English friendly with a diversity of Japanese, Americans, and Canadians. (http://www.ice-dragons.net/) visit their homepage, on the schedule and make sure to contact them when you wish to attend. They also welcome an audience as well. If you want to cheer them on come visit!!

Night time you will get the most out in the Sakae area. Nagoya’s famous Tebasaki (buffalo wings) awaits you at Sekai no Yamachan!! ( http://www.yamachan.co.jp/ ) Eat the best Tebasaki here but there is an ongoing vote if Furaibo is better…(http://www.furaibou.com/menu.htm)

You be the judge!!

by Yuuki I

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