Fish market for lazy birds - part1

Lazy birds can also catch fish

Early bird catches the worm....

and maybe fish, too...

Since I'm not an early bird in the mornings, I always give up going to Tsukiji fish market and where the famous tuna auction is held ......super early in the morning.
Also the tourist cannot just show up and see them anymore. You need a reservation on first come first served basis, and you have to be there way before dawn.

And after that process...... all you can see is to watch them work from far behind through the glass window.....I doubt there's worth that effort.....

If you are just looking for lots of fish, various kinds, big and small, I opt for another option.

An hour train ride from Tokyo, near Kawagoe, there's a fish maket open from 9 am to noon.

Smaller than Tsukiji but we can still see the lively atmosphere of the wholesale market. No auction but you can buy fresh seafood cheap.
They also offer fish cut service if you buy the whole fish, free of charge..
There are some eateries on site, too, for Sashimi or Sushi...

Whichever the case...freshness is guaranteed !

Not only fish ....other things to note

There are also other products like vegetable, snacks, green tea, sweets, etc...absolutely zero tourists and local atmosphere.

Well....that's actually good and bad.

Some drawbacks to aware;
1) No English signs or spoken.
2) No public transportation from the nearest train station but you can still grab a taxi (10min) or walk (25mins). You can drive there, ample free parking available on site. (but again, no English signs)
3) open only on Saturday mornings.
(market itself is open 6 days a week but open to public only on Saturdays)

Website of the market ;

Enjoy fresh fish in lazy Saturday morning!


If you are interested yet not sure about the language, please let me know!

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