100 steps to heaven in the metropolis

Hundred steps of staircase with 7 rooms in between.

There are some great Japanese gardens in central Tokyo.
Imperial Palace, Shinjuku Gyoen, Rikugien, Hamarikyu, Koishikawa....
These are located within central Tokyo, surrounded by skyscrapers and highways, so they also serve as 'oasis' in the metropolis, for the business people to breathe fresh air, and make them relax with their trees and flowers.

It's not well-known but there's a little nice garden in Meguro, too.

Meguro Gajoen - the oldest wedding banquet mansion in Japan, more than 85 years of history, furnished and decorated with Japanese paintings, sculptures, carvings, pots, flower arrangements..... you'll get to see the amazing collection of traditional yet modern Japanese art.

For free....

This is not a museum ....just a hotel. So you can walk in anytime.

There's also a paid museum area called, 100-step staircase.
It's designated as the tangible cultural property by Tokyo metropolitan government.
It has 7 rooms at the plateaus in between and each room is decorated differently.

They have several exhibits a year in this 100-step staircase rooms.
It's always something related to Japanese culture, trying to match the room style and the exhibit arts.

Oasis in the metropolis

Here's a little tip, if you like it and become a repeat visitor...

They offer a membership with only 3000 yen for 3 years. (and only 500yen to revise your membership every other 3 years) And let you see all the exhibits in 100-step staircase. (mostly worth 1000-1500yen each)
They also offer 2 tickets for each exhibit so that you can invite your friends or family.
What's more, you can get discounts on the accommodation and dining in restaurants there.

Unfortunately their English page is much less than the Japanese one and they don't mention in the English one. The Japanese one is here;

So what's up there at the 100th step?


You need to visit and see it for yourself !!


by Zara

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