Which one of Tokyo's Shitamachi (old town) districts do you recommend?

Down Town Tokyo (aka Shitamachi)

If you're new to Japan. You'll probably have this location mark on your travel agenda, as it is not only #true shitamachi it is also one the most popular tourists areas of Tokyo.

I'm an American with over 30 years of living in Japan and my first 15 years where spent in Shitamachi. So, I recommend "Asakusa" it is what I would consider the real deal of Shitamachi.

You have the famous shrines, the Sky Tree, Sumida Park and just a whole lot of history in and around this area.

Good people, good food, good adventure in the "Real Shitamachi". You can check this site for more info on Shitamachi sites to see: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3004.html

Happy travels and there will be lots of summer festivals happening soon in Shitamachi, so Enjoy!

by DjMarvin

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