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Hotel & Residence Roppongi (H&R Roppongi): Lin Room

Are you looking for a quaint yet classy place to stay in the middle of downtown, Tokyo? Do you want a touch of Japanese traditional with hints of Western modern? Look no further, Hotel & Residence Roppongi is the place for you.

This was my second time to stay at H&R Roppongi. I wrote about my first fantastic experience here:


I'm happy to say that my second visit was even better than the first. I brought my girlfriend along with me this time, and so decided to stay in one of their larger rooms, the "Lin Room" to be exact:


I knew I was in good hands when I was greeted again by bright, courteous, cheerful staff. I liked that they wanted to know more than my name and if I had a reservation, they talked to me like a friend.

After a prompt check in, I went straight to my room on the sixth floor. Imagine my delight when I was met by a complementary bottle of sparkling wine and cute Japanese candies that are given as thanks for booking the Lin Room (the fridge was filled with additional free drinks, too).

The room, which is perfect for one or a couple, is simply dazzling. Look at the pictures above and below to get a sense of the romantic Asian mood the Lin Room creates. The decor is a mixture of traditional and post-modern Japanese; sexy and dark, but most important to me - clean.

The amenities are plenty: a decent-sized television and Blu-Ray DVD player with a comfortable wooden couch to enjoy them from. A huge bed with an abundant amount of room to put personal belongings and what-nots. The bathroom was gorgeous, too, complete with a mini-TV to watch from the tub.

Very Possibly My Favourite "Everyday" Tokyo Hotel

My girlfriend and I were only there for a night. We checked in a little after 3 PM, then walked around the neighbourhood until it was time for dinner, which you can read about here:


Afterwards we rented a movie, went back to our room and relaxed the night away - but not before stopping at one of the several convenience stories located conveniently nearby.

The next morning we enjoyed our complimentary breakfast, which was downright awesome. In addition to the regular hotel fare, there was plenty of super fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as toritllas to make our own breakfast burritos!

H&R Roppongi might not be the ultimate choice to stay at if you're staying with friends instead of loved ones, or if you favor rooms that cater only to Western foreigners. Personally, I was very much surprised by how comfortable it was to spend so many hours in the same hotel room with another person. It's quite possibly my favourite "everyday" Tokyo hotel.

H&R Roppongi is also perfectly located in the heart of downtown. Not only are there a number of tourist landmarks one can visit, but there are also quite a lot of local businesses and shops that you can visit and take advantage of.

In the end, the best thing I can say is: I'll definitely be staying a third and fourth time and whenever else I'm in town. H&R Roppongi have won me as a loyal customer and regular.

Remember to ask for the Lin Room - and tell them Lee sent you :)


Hotel & Residence Roppongi
1-11-6 Nishiazabu
Minato 106-0031, Tokyo

TEL: 03-5771-2469

6-min. walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Roppongi Station (Exit 2))
7-min. walk from Tokyo Metro Oedo Line (Roppongi Station (Exit 4B))
8-min. walk from Chiyoda Line (Nogizaka Station (Exit 5))

Official Website (in English)
http://hr-roppongi.jp/en/ Open new window

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